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September 20, 2010


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I tend to not be too into the pumpkin beers, but I need to get out and taste some of the new Oktoberfest ones.

So far, the only one I've had was the Paulaner, which was delicious as always.

Beyond Flying Bison (which I won't find here on Long Island) and Brooklyn (which I will), what others would you recommend?

Blue Points Octoberfest beer is out. I have yet to try it this year, but it has been pretty strong in the past.

There's a weird paucity of NY Oktoberfest beers in my local shops this week. I'm hoping Blue Point's shows up soon. To my knowledge two of the other major NY breweries, Ithaca and Southern Tier, do not make an Oktoberfest. If I can find enough others in the next week or so I'll do a follow-up post; I'm told Southampton makes some excellent fall beers but they're unavailable where I am!

And Im also not the biggest fan of pumpkin beers, but a few weeks ago a friend of mine severd Dogfish Punkin with a piece of homemade cheesecake and it was outstanding. I have since purchased a few pumpkin beers and have enjoyed them as a night cap or dessert.

Dan - Southern Tier's PumKing is dynamite this year. Definitely a night-cap to be enjoyed with cheese or something, but give it a shot if you see it!

Have had the Blue Point straight from the brewery tap and believe it to be their best effort, in this style, yet. Have also had the bottled version and it is also quite good.
The Blue Point Pumpkin Ale is pretty good too.

Leaf Pile from Greenport Brewery is also very good. Had it on draft at The good Life in Massapequa Park. And Captain lawrence has just released a pumkin ale.

Had the Leaf Pile last year and found it way overly spiced, but that was their first release (I think) so definitely need to revisit it.

Just had Saranac's Pumpkin on tap and really enjoyed it. I also had their Octoberfest and liked it quite a bit. It tasted very much like Peanuts and Peanut butter, very good.

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