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November 22, 2010


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Very interesting article about one of Seneca Lake's best wineries. We were over at the Distillery about the same time you were at Damiani, and were surprised to learn we couldn't get into this new and exciting tasting room because it was so packed (and because they were getting ready for that dinner).

I wish Lou nothing but the best. His wines are fantastic and he deserves great success. My worry, though, is that popularity can lead to mediocrity. When a thousand customers come through in a day, and all are demanding certain types of wine, you might be inclined to start listening.

They want sweet? Well...maybe we should make one sweet wine to keep them happy. And thus the change begins...

I certainly hope Lou sticks to his guns and continues making solid reds and whites that don't necessarily appeal to the masses. I'm just worried that competitive pressure will get in the way.

Scott -

I'll ask the Damiani folks to chime in; thanks for commenting. But I can tell you that Lou and Phil are deeply focused on achieving their own goals, which don't include acquiescing to any mass market demands. Also, their case production remains rather modest.

But the scenario you paint is not uncommon. The great challenge for any small winery is to maintain the highest quality while growing.

Damiani was the very first winery we went to on our very first trip to the Finger Lakes, and we've enjoyed their wines ever since.

Nice article Evan. I made it clear on several of my post how much I like Damiani wines. If not for them I may have never returned to Finger Lakes reds. Can't wait to see new tasting room.

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