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December 07, 2010


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Chardonnay is not rare in the Hudson Valley. Millbrook, Oak Summit, Brotherhood, Tim Dressel and Whitcliff all grow Chard. There are approximately 40 acres grown here.


I think if you read what I said again, you'll see that it's a rare one that crossed my tasting table. I don't get my hands on many AVA wines.

As far as I know, Oak Summit sells to Millbrook and the only Brotherhood I've ever had was from non-local fruit. Maybe they use their own in the sparkling program?

I've only had Whitecliff at the HV competition a couple springs ago.

Chard is grown EVERYWHERE in NY...I'm not surprised that it's grown in the HV.

Suffice to say, the Millbrook Chardonnay Block Two West is a rare wine. It's their small run, high end production line wine. It is rare, because they don't make a lot of it. LOL!

Anyway, it's a superb wine. Really a wonderful, rich treat. Big fan, and I'm not a chardonnay guy.

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