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December 01, 2010


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Prime example of THE most influential wine critic for any individual consumer - the guy in the wine shop; trumps a score any day of the week.

Yep, dude. And the guy (or gal) in the wine shop needs to bring an open mind. John is a friend, so it's easy to praise him, but part of what makes me love the guy is his sharp palate and his open mind.

In my state of VA - two things play a factor in getting lesser known wines from lesser known regions. One i mentioned above in response to a question from Evan is the distribution factor. If a dist. doesn't or won't carry it - I don't have the ability to put it on my shelf - no matter how much i want to.

The second is that VA is a COD wine/alcohol state. As soon as wine hits my floor I have to pay for it. This makes it difficult for bringing in wines that may be a long shot since I don't have terms 30.60.90 to move the product before I pay for it. So it actually is an investment in the truest set of the word.

John, I can give you the details of our distributor in Va. Curious as to which NY wines you may have at The Wine Cellar. Next time I'm in Richmond I am stopping by.

John and I have had several email conversations about NY wines in VA over the last couple years (one sparked this post, actually).

John has a great palate and is adventurous in tracking down wines from lesser-known regions. Some of the best VA wines I've tasted were because of his recos.

But who I'd really like to applaud here is the couple who went into their shop, tracked down the owner and asked for the Anthony Road wines.

It's easy to complain about a lack of XYZ wines in your local shop, but not enough people actually take it upon themselves to ask for them.

Evan - it helps that the guy digs good Cab Franc as well :-).

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