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January 31, 2011


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amyc said it. awesome!

I'm not sure which is more enchanting, the story or the story teller but I'm settling on a beautiful collaboration in which the subject and the author blend to create something greater than both.

It's amazing to me, a complete neophyte with wine, to read stories such as these. Is it a classic underdog story? A story that preconceived notions can always be dangerous? Either way if a group as established as the one Evan describes here thought that highly of a wine then I can't help but feel joy for the winemaker.

This is the kind of story I can end my night on. While my undeveloped palate would never have appreciated those wines to the level they were due. I can appreciate the story of those whose palates could.

LTS - I certainly hope the story is more compelling than the writer. If not, the piece is suffering from purple prose and the story is not as interesting as I had hoped. In this case, I was fortunate that Jeff and Tom shared the photos and details, with Tom recounting how this came to pass. He called it the "shocker of the evening." I admire the fact that he's the kind of wine lover who will revel in new discovery, even from a region not nearly as heralded. I mean... two bottles of Petrus, a Meursault, and a Lucas! Why not?

Evan - a good story can be ruined by the one who tells it just as a good joke can be lost in the hands of an inexperienced comedian.

No worries about the story because it stands on its own. Stories like this are as rare as the Lucas itself and the opportunity to share that story equally as rare.

I am just happy it was done in such a way that I could appreciate it. For as you know, the words Petrus, Meursault, etc. do not carry the same weight as they do with those more knowledgeable of wine. Someday I will understand but until then its stories like this that help keep me going.

And I really need to change my twitter name. Being referred to as LTS just seems so impersonal. :)


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