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February 01, 2011


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It's been an amazing run for these guys to be sure. This is a great article and captures the spirit of Dan, Geoff, and Todd. It truly is an experience to meet up with them and talk beer let alone drink some 3HB beer.

Get out and try the beer if you haven't.

Thanks for this post, Julia. Really great stuff -- some of your best.

The nanobrewery movement in New York is just plain awesome. Hoping to meet up with the founders of my most local of breweries (their garage/brewery is about 2 miles from my house) soon.

So these guys bottle their beers? I need to get my hands on some.

Lenn and Randy, thanks for your compliments :) and yes Lenn, they do bottle. Not sure if they're available downstate yet (just tweeted them) but you have to try their stuff if possible - I thought of you when I had the Skunk. It's your kinda beer, my friend.

Yes... there are 22oz bombers of each of the 4 mentioned and I had a friend report finding them in Syracuse... so I know they've made it at least that far east, and I heard reports of Buffalo sightings as well... If you enjoy craft beer, but haven't tried a 3HB... you should %^)

Lenn - they are distributed by TJ Sheehan. You'll certainly get to sample some soon enough. I love the nanobrewers in LI.. I've been trying to follow as much as possible. Blind Bat and Barrier are on LI?

The biggest problem I think they will have is supply, at least for the time being. I know CB's has been looking to expand and still has capacity to brew more on their current systems but they too have some new stuff and must keep up with their existing production levels.

@Julia - Would love to see an article on Custom BrewCrafters. Sounds like they have become a huge tool for nanobreweries in western NY to launch. I first came across them years ago when they made a custom beer for the Rochester Yacht Club while I was bartending there, and it seems like they've been building on their success ever since.

@Kevin you're in luck! I'm planning on a visit to CB within the next couple months. Their impact on New York beer can't be understated and is a whole article in and of itself. Stay tuned!

I recently tasted the Three Heads lineup including all those mentioned above and while for the most part we enjoyed them (and their packaging)someone in our group commented that many CB made beers have a certain "house style" if you will. Maybe its the brewery's own flora or choice of ingredients but I'd be curious if anyone else has noticed.


Thanks for reading! I have noticed a certain "house flavor" in many of the CB-brand lineup, which can often be the result of a house yeast strain. However, I did not pick it up in the Three Heads beers, nor did I notice it in the OT 20 IPA brewed by CB for Old Toad. As the contract-brewed beers are made according to different recipes from the house-brand stuff, this makes sense (much more on this topic in my upcoming CB post).

On my upcoming trip to CB I will have the opportunity to taste their lineup side-by-side and will get a better impression of this flavor at that time. Tasting the Three Heads brews blind alongside CB-brand beers and, if possible, other beers contract-brewed at CB would be the only way to really determine this. Sounds like fun to me!

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