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February 23, 2011


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We bought 2 bottles of Saperavi last time we went up to Standing Stone, based largely on the marketing e-mail I got that said we could "cellar it for 55 years". So we're going to try that (or at least until one or the other of us dies and we need a bottle for the wake).


Are there any vintages of Saperavi available at the winery right now?

I've had McGregor's Black Russian Red a few times and it's interesting but the price tag generally outweighs my curiosity in the variety.

Paul - Ha! Which vintage do you have?

Bryan - Yes, you can purchase it at the winery.

Can't remember which vintage - it's the one that was on sale last October - and I'm too lazy to look in the wine fridge. Funny, how I liked Standing Stone's wine but wasn't too crazy about the McGregor when we went up that weekend. I'll bet I love the Black Russian next time we go upstate.

The 2005 Saperavi is one of my favourite labels! Look forward to trying the 2010.

Btw, have you guys heard of lovethis? I've started using it to get wine recommendations, pretty useful. Check out my recommendations and I'd be interested to connect with you guys to find some interesting labels and new producers. Here's a link to my profile: http://ow.ly/42A6l. Keep up the great blog, how do I subscribe?

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