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July 19, 2011


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Thanks for showing some love for the under appreciated home winemaker. You hit the mark dead on with the goal: "...emerge with a product suitable for consumption" and the most doting critics: family members.

For those who would like to be home winemakers, then they should attend the New York State Home Wine Seminar on 13AUG2011. You can see the scheduled speakers at: http://www.nys-homewine.info/SeminarNYSHWC.html


To quote Kim Engle's conversation with James Molesworth during his recent visit to Bloomer Creek:

"We are only just a generation removed from Taylor Wine Company and that era. It’s still just a bunch of farmers making wine in their garages."

To that we say Hooray. Pretty much everything good in this world started out in garages.

Thanks for a great article Evan.

homemade wine makers are to wine snobs like red is to white

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