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August 24, 2011


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Has Lieb Cellars issued a formal statement concerning the controversy? Have they admitted they made a mistake in their marketing?

Richard: I spoke with them this morning and they are planning a statement, but it has not been issued.

When it is, I will likely publish it here on the site.

It is the thought that counts. It sounds like the winery got prior approval...no one should be angry at their attempt to help. It's sad that it's becomming politically incorrect to help.

Nice job in handling this very sensitive subject. They really were trying to do the right thing but in this day in age when it seems like everyone is trying to cash in on something I understand the knee jerk reaction.

You did a good job in reminding us to hold back a bit...

I haven't read the negative articles. I don't think I need to because this post was so good. I think the problem is clearly in the labeling. It is a tad heavy handed. If they would have just made their label look like wine, and then simply put a note saying,'A portion of the proceeds go to the 9/11 Museum', nobody would have complained.

Of course, they also might not have raised as much money too, because nobody would have cared.

Heard a piece on VT Public Radio some time ago...may have been the CBC radio show 'Spark' about research that found emotional content travels much faster on the web than factual content...basically good old fashioned gossip on steroids. It behooves all of us to check the situation out more thoroughly before jumping on any bandwagon. Maybe Lieb, despite the right intentions, made a misstep in marketing...but the question for the rest of us is: do they deserve the pillory because it's easy, or should we take the extra time to provide constructive criticism?
Unfortunately, in any situation, the mob will always take the path of least resistance...I like to think that in this country, we are better than that.

I have to say that it hasn't helped Lieb Cellar's cause that they have remained largely silent since this controversy broke about four days ago. They should have issued a public statement by now, presenting their point of view. In today's media, a quick response to negative press is often necessary.

Lenn - you wrote an excellent piece that got me to thinking and looking at the LA Times and Yahoo articles that were written. Most of the "outrage" strikes me as gossip mongering and bandwagon in nature. And more than a few people didn't seem to have the reading comprehension to understand what Lieb was doing. These are just a few excepts from what I posted on G+ http://is.gd/zenBxn

...I'm curious. I assume no one ranting about this memorial wine purchased any "We love America" "Never Forget" t-shirts, "Yellow Ribbon" car magnets or t-shirts to support troops (purchased from Walmart or the sidewalk vendor, whom I'm sure sent that money straight to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force troops to buy after market armor, or The Marine Family Support groups to pay the light bills of called up reservists) Or perhaps you boycotted the CD that was produced after 9/11 from the Concert for New York? Wait, you only bought those things because those items were all 100% of the profit, including production costs, donated to a charitable fund right? Because weren't those all horribly exploitative, profit mongering taking advantage of a national tragedy, just like Lieb Cellars?

...They did this to raise funds to do something good - they've been doing it since their 2002 vintage - when we were all opening our wallets, our veins (giving blood) and our hearts to heal.

I'm yet to figure out why this FDNY/EMS group would contact Bourdain or his (former) restaurant about carrying the wine, and not contact the Memorial Fund people or the winery itself to start an honest dialogue.

They've actually been making a wine along these lines since 2002. If Bourdain and this FDNY/EMS group were that worked up about it, you'd think someone would have started raising a little media hell sometime in the last 9 YEARS?

This is a good thing, benefiting charitable organizations that need funds. Stop with the hate. That's what caused this whole scenario to begin with.

Thanks for your continued balanced articles, and as always, your class!

Glad to see this post, Lenn. I do agree with Richard, though, that duck and cover (while understandable) was not a helpful response to this. Until talking to you about it, I had no idea that these folks had been doing these wines for so long. It's unfortunate that they didn't find a way to at least get their voice into the conversation.

The Lieb family do not deserve the benefit of the doubt given that they knew their product and how it would be marketed. What they did not anticipate was how vile others would deem their 'crassless taste' !

Rannes family.

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