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July 27, 2004


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That's an interesting idea. Seems like fun. Count me in.

I'm "in" too.

I am absolutely on board! That sounds like a fabulous idea and a great time!

Hey Lenn,
Nice idea (he said while sipping his 2-buck-chuck). I'm a Philistine with respect to wine, but I'll jump in. Thanks (nice blog too).

Sounds like fun! I know absolutely nothing about wine and really only drink it on special occasions - but seems like this qualifies!

Why not Italian merlot... ? It's ssso good ;)

Sorry, I didn't read carefully the theme... A new world wine nation. Sorry :(

Lenn. Count me in. I've observed the IMBB events for a while and definitely think there's an equivalent for us in the wine world. Let's make sure to do a good roundup at the end so that its easy for people to quickly access all of the blogs that participated.

Happy to do New World (but not USA) Merlot.

You mention the inflexibility of wine as opposed to the themes from IMBB like "soup." One of the nice things these IMBB themes is inventiveness of the various chefs. Having everyone review a certain varietal or something from a specific geography will get us one particular type of variation, which can teach us all a little about the wines themselves and which ones are good.

However, for round #2 we could also consider picking a recipe, an easily available dish (e.g. pizza) or even a foodstuff (a particular cheese avialable anywhere, etc.) and have everyone pick a wine to pair with it, which would be a way of us learning from others about how to pair wine and food. This would give us the benefits of both reviews/tasting notes for the wines as well as bringing a little more flexibility and innovation that you see with IMBB.

Looking forward to it.

That is a great idea...let's keep beating the drum and getting the word out about the wine event...and if someone wants to host round 2...just let me know!

Lenn: I have always wanted to keep a wine journal -- hopefully your new inventive off-shoot of IMBB? will help me to do just that!


i'm all for it!

i blog on wine here:


I'm a wine idiot but I'd like to learn more about wine, so count me in too!

non-us merlot, i might ba able to come out of summer vacation for that one.. I'm in.
The Caveman

Fabulous idea. What bugs me about wine is that people get attached to one or two favourites and so everytime they run into the liquor store they grab their stalwarts. I would love if this, by being thematically inclined, gets people into new flavours and rocks the hell out of their palates. Ahem, I'm in.

I'm in with something local. Nice idea but if it's only one bottle, there'll be no friends involved

Count me in too! Sounds like a great idea.

My (anti-snob) wine site is VineSugar

We're definitely in - great idea.

i blogged it:

Too Many Chefs is in at http://www.toomanychefs.com/archives/001158.html">http://www.toomanychefs.com/archives/001158.html">http://www.toomanychefs.com/archives/001158.html

Great idea, Lenn!

Great idea, Lenn! How can I get involved in Round Two?

Well, rats. I just saw this - a day late. Cool idea. If you do something similar to this again, I hope I'll be paying attention early enough.

How can I get in on this...? Would LOVE to participate next time!


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Thanks so much for the great idea, I can't wait to get started!


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I'm up for French wine. Will come with all the details in few days.

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Hi- Just recently learned about the WBW phenomena and I'd like to join in. I found out through the recent, #35, challenge on Spanish wines. Where do I go to find out the new one for next month when it's announced? I didn't see the most recent WBW's in your list.


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