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September 02, 2004


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Thanks Lenn - great to see an inspired idea come out beautifully and you're a nice man for not suggesting I used the corks for a hat,

Excellent wrap up and thanks for the idea.

I love this idea and I'm highly upset that I didn't hear about it until after I ready Anthony from Spiceblog's entry this week... :-( But I will definitely be participating in the next one!

Here's a shout out to Jennifer!! In a similar manner: It wasn't Wednesday, it wasn't red, and it wasn't cheap, but nice to feel like I was drinking to contribute!!!

I'm in for October. I promise to play by the rules!!! Great wrap up, Lenn.

This was a lot of fun Lenn! Thanks for putting it together! Now, where do we sign up for the next rounds (a la IMBB?):-)


Definitely, count us in.

Looking forward to reviewing and tasting your wines. Please tell me about any awards they may have received. Also, where I can buy your wines in the Sacramento area. I am looking for 40 to 50 wineries to serve in the greater Northern California Regions and to add to our already huge list of rare and vintage wines at the winemenu.net store.

Richrd R. West
Wine Menu

Great Idea!

I've posted your Proposal as:

"Genesis Wine Blog Wednesday"

and put up a flier and info links to WBW #19


great wine blogs for wednesday.and nice merlot wine under $15.

the price is afforatble and taste of wine is also good.

Too Many Chefs , picked up a bottle of Casillero del Diablo by Concha y Toro…again, from Chile. And, with typical humor the wine was found to be "rather wild, slightly harsh and immature, like a Beaujolais in http://www.mysobe.com on a spree with her daddy's credit cards."

the price is affordable and taste of wine is also good.

That's correct. I prefer merlot. Non under 20/22 $$.


Is My Blog Burning?, remembered about WWWBW at the last minute, but, thankfully, was still able to participate after getting his hands on Las Garzas 2002 Colchagua Valley Merlot.

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