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February 04, 2005


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It means about as much as "Reserve".

On Long Island...Reserves just means "more time in newer oak"


I agree that the medals and awards mean very little to anyone who knows a little about the industry. There are too many small wine shows and way too many inconsistancies among the results of these shows.

To the everyday consumer though, I'd not be so sure. I think it still has some impact in marketing terms if you can display a series of medals prominently on your bottle. To them, if a wine has got a medal, they are unlikely to know or care that the "Southeast-West Coast Chapter of the Mediocre Wine Guild Assocation Board" is not as well respected as another wine judging event that may actually mean something.

I can see why wineries do it, it's a battlefield in the marketplace, and to stay alive you have to try and get every single advantage you can. Promoting that you won an award gives you something thay you can try and use to your benefit, it might give you a starting point when talking to a journalist for a newpaper that is aimed at the everyday consumers. Even if it increases your sales by the smallest of margins, that might be enough to get you through to the next vintage.

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