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March 18, 2005


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Just popped a bottle of this tonight and it was excellent. I give it a solid A. My notes included: Wonderfully aged wine. Opened with some herbal notes on the smell, but not the pallette. Definetly demonstrated traditional LI terior. Changed over the course of 2 hours and became more rounded and full; showed some faint chocolate flavor in the last few sips. Excellent.
I'm really starting to find the benefits of ageing good LI reds; they are holding up and improving so much more than many "better" California and Washington counterparts.
I had an '03 Sherwood House Cab Franc the other night and it was also amazing. To date, this might have been the best Cab Franc I've had from LI. I still have some really great LI Francs in my cellar ('04 Shinn, 03 Lieb Reserve, 05 Raphael, 02 Jamesport, 04 Paumonok), so I'm really excited to see how they show in a few years.


I wish I had more of the 2001 merlot...but alas, it didn't last long in my house!

I don't remember liking that 03 Sherwood THAT much, but I do remember liking it. There are so many good ones made here...it's tough to pick one.

I just dug up your notes on the 03 Sherwood Franc and you seemed to think it was OK, not great.
I dug up my old notes when I first tasted it (in Sept 2006) and I loved it then, too... though I do think it improved with the extra few years in the bottle.
That's the beauty of wine, right? It's also the beauty of tasting notes. I've been keeping them pretty religiously now for the last few years (save for the time when I corrupted my excel cellar database a while back!). The notes really give me a way to compare my initial impressions with my current impressions.

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