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March 31, 2005


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She is certainly a darn sight better looking! ;-) She shouldnt be nervous - we will look after her...

what't that constant ringing???? Oh yes, it is Ms. Lenndevours again...
"He will be better soon- don't worry"
I will do what I can FSIL- I know you will both get through this or should I say "WE" will get through this :)

Good Lord Lenn, how did you get such a beautiful woman to marry you. Let me guess, you plied her with wine!!

Good luck with the surgery. It's not all bad though. My experience tells me that the Ice Cream and vicodin cocktail is a good thing.


I dunno - Vicodin aint a bad (temporary) substitute for Vin.

Perhaps you should take some tonsil pics and post em!

Gute Besserung,


Hey Lenn, Get well soon, I am sure in a week or 2 you will be sipping a nice red, and relieved that the things are no longer a hassle.

Perhaps you could publish an article about what to taste as a person recovers out of oral surgery.
I am also wondering if this will have an effect on your taste buds.
Cheers and get well soon!

Hey lenn
hope all went well. sorry haven't touched base sooner...work and ummm a soon to be
arrival have consumed me. Send me a note
when you are up and running or bloggin.


Good luck with the tonsils. I hope Nena has fun with the blog.


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I just got that done today. Oh my heavens, it hurts SO horribly. They said that I am recovering extremely fast though, which is great of course.

That doesn't seem to eliminate the pain any less though.

Like, when I swallow it feels like a really big bubble is in the back of my tongue. And when I swallow, it bulges.

Did you feel that?
Get back to me if you want to.

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