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March 10, 2005


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Congratulations! Good luck with the wedding and remember - the key to a happy marriage is two fold:
1) Nothing makes her look fat
2) Yes, you do have to let her have the last swallow for that killer cab!


Hey, Joel, I resemble that remark!

Lenn, congratulations... when is the big day, if I may ask?

Nena, regardless of how cool, calm & perfect she may be, will turn into a remarkable facsimile of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in the days before the wedding.

My husband recognized what was going on maybe 3 or 4 days into things...

"Oh, I see," said C, "you need to have a nervous breakdown sometime around noon, wherein everything that's wrong is somehow my fault, and then I get my Fatemeh back?"

He still teases me, nearly two years later, but knowing the "schedule" seemed to allow him to take it all in stride.


Going to Cooperstown? Let us know what comes about if y a come across any pleasant finger lake varietals.

Thanks for the comments. Our wedding is July 8th...so it's definitely sneaking up on us. Nena is quite the organized young lady...so I'm not sure she'll be TOO crazy in the days leading up...but I guess you might know better than I :)

I'm not arriving (our wedding is about 4 hours from here) until the morning of the rehearsal...so I'll dodge much of the "fun" :)

We went to Cooperstown...but didn't have any wine. It was more a Guiness and hot wing excursion :)

Congratulations. Your's is a name I haven't heard in about ten years. I stumbled across your site when looking for some information about local wineries for my wife. I hope your wedding day is as wonderful as mine was.

A word of advice: Don't drink too much that day, and you will appreciate the memory more.

All the best-

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