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April 18, 2005


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Such a shame when new owners completely up-end what used to be a perfectly good working process for the worse.

Dining, wine, dessert, its about the experience more often than the food. Why do management teams so often lose the plot? Sorry to hear about that. I'll flag that place over at Vivi's as well.

I like your blog. I have been researching good restaurants to have a 50th birthday dinner on Saturday (June 4) in Wading River, preferably on the water, but not limited to a waterfront spot.

Can you make any suggestions? I read about La Plage somewhere, but I'm not particularly keen on French food.

Your thoughts appreciated.


Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Glad you enjoy it...

A few thoughts on the dinner your planning:

Don't discount La Plage because they bill themselves as "French." It is one of the most spectacular spots (top to bottom) around and the food is much more interesting than traditional French. In fact, my last entree there was a braised lamb shank over bacon/sweet corn risotto...

If you're wanting to stay in Wading River...check out Andrew's by the Pond http://www.andrewsbythepond.com/). I've not been there (yet) but I've heard some GREAT things.

If you are willing to go a little bit west, I'd recommend Oscar's of St. James (right on 25a) to anyone. We had a spectacular meal there a week ago. Food is great, inventive American...and their wine program is very cool. Basically they charge patrons retail plus 5 or 10 bucks...which is a steal compared to the 300% markup some restaurants charge. So, if you pay 50 bucks for a bottle of wine...you're getting a 40-dollar bottle...not a 15 dollar bottle. I actually have pictures and a review of Oscar's that I'm working on...so if you call, let them know that I sent ya :)

Good luck and I'd love to hear how it goes!

I've heard many sad stories of Blackwells over the past couple of years. This year (2006) the ownership and management have changed hands once more.

I tried the restaurant last week and was pleasantly surprised. The food was really very good, and the service was spot on (commensurate with the price tag). The new management seem to place a high priority on quality of service and food. It would appear they have their eye on taking care of the customer.

For those naysayers of yore, do yourself a favour and give them another try -I think you'll find the experience a pleasuable one.

Dear Lenn
We've been taking advantage of LI Restaurant Week and going to as many restaurants as we can before the week is up. The best so far has been Tierra Mar at the Atlantica in West Hampton. The worst by far was Seafood Barge in Port of Egypt marina. Not only was the food dismal, but they had the nerve to tack on a surcharge to 4 out of every 6 prix fixe menu selections. When we commented on this to the waitress, she made a snide comment about our being "price conscious". I had stopped recommending Seafood Barge to our B&B guests a few months ago when most of those we referred came back disappointed. This is really quite remarkable for a restaurant that had been for many years, one of the very best on the North Fork.
Thought you'd want to know.

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