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April 15, 2005


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Good idea for a piece.

"Choose a designated driver" - or just spit! I know lots of people who assume that one swallow won't get them drunk, and then proceed to drink ten or twenty swallows. I always spit at tastings. Plus it keeps the palate fresher.

"don't wear perfume or cologne" - it's not a pet peeve of yours. It's considered very bad form to wear any sort of scent to a tasting. I was at a tasting room recently where _the person pouring the wine_ was wearing some perfume. I kept getting this odd floral scent in a rustic Zin. urgh. When I do a class, I send out an email in advance that basically says "If you normally wear perfume, cologne or any kind of scent, don't."

Thanks for the comment, Derrick.

I'd be interested to find out...but I doubt many of my readers (of the printed paper) spit haha...though I've started doing it on occasion. Usually when I'm "working" at our wineries, I only go to one at a time...so a few swallowed sips won't hurt me much ;)

I HATE when people wear perfume/cologne at the wineries...but then I'm reminded that I'm not the average winery visitor. Not everyone is as serious as you and I are...

The email to your class is a great idea. I'm hoping to start some classes myself...and that's a good tip.

Perfume/cologne is one thing, but at the tastings I was at last weekend, there were some people smoking cigars. Kinda made it hard to appreciate the wine. If you're going to smoke, move away and downwind.

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