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May 10, 2005


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What a great job! Everything looks absolutely fantastic. And now, I'm starving...thanks!

The food looks great. How much of it was prepared in your tiny kitchen and how much at the party? How did you keep it hot?

Most of the food was actually served at room temp. We did most of the cooking and prep work at home.

On site, I did grill the wings (the other meat was all grilled the day before at our house) and we assembled the cups/bruschetta on site...and backed the various dips, pastas etc. on site as well.

We're happy with how the food turned out...that's for sure.

Everything looks heavenly! Both of you did a fantastic job. I really want of piece of that lasagna!

To my Gourmets,

A job well done, you made me proud!!

Love, Mom

Wow. Very impressive.

That's really all I can say. :-)

Well, that's great! Congratulations!
The foods seems so delicious and its makes me hungry.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. thanks for sharing.


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