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July 10, 2005


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Oh god, I'm gonna have to drink New Jersey wine from a jug.

brilliant idea
not quite sure how i am going to measure the nearest vineyard
maybe I'll just cheat and ask all the other locals

i just read richard the yankee's comment and started laughing! hilarious!

anyway, lenn, this is such a fantastic idea!! i WISH santa barbara were closer to me than temecula.

AND, i know this is horrible, but this site is actually VERY VERY funny (food related, but i a horrible way) and if you have to, you can make your own wine ;)


Great idea Lenn.

Some help for Sam...
I'm going to employ Google Maps to figure out the closest winery to me. http://maps.google.com/

And to see all the wineries in my area, a wikipedia search with my city and state name may do the trick.


Happy Anniversary WBW!

Gosh, for me this could be kinda hard... Is it Trefethen or Laird? Or is there one even closer I haven't blogged yet?

I guess being the only Napa-based wine blogger, I should be bloody glad I don't live next to Screaming Eagle's vineyard! THAT would make for a very expensive WBW!


A quick request for clarification.

When you say "Winery closest to you", do you regard the vineyard closest to me as being the closest, or the closest cellar door?

Cam...I don't want to dictate TOO much...but I'm going with the closest vineyard. The most important thing is to get the most local of local wines :)

Hey I recently set up a blog on wine and also just ran across this "event"! Sounds cool and count me in. I might even ask that people who read my blog but don't have one of their own, can contribute. Either by comments or maybe they can email them to me, and I can post them...Just a thought and a way to expand it to the audience too!

Thank you and I look forward to finding the closet vineyard to Madrid!

Can "local" be my vacation spot since I'm away that week?

I think being in Kyoto, Japan, a Tea Blogging Thursday might be more relevant. But I will *ahem* lenndevour to find a local vineyard among these rolling hills. I like the idea of going local, this is great!

Er, does it matter if the wine is unavailable outside of your state? (Georgia has some wonderfully restrictive shipping laws.)

Do you think Sake is a wine? ;) It is fermented, but so is beer. What do you think?

While one of us Wine Chicks is off romping the wilds of Oregon and thereby flush with local wine, the other is stuck here in Brooklyn scratching her head and stuped as to what the closest winery is. I think there's one in New Jersey? Or is it upstate a little bit? (I refuse to drink Ben Marl even if it is the most local!) Or the one in Sayville on LI?? Help!

You're safe from Sayville (Loughlin Vineyards)...there is a small Chardonnay vineyard/winery in Brookville...Old Brookville Vineyards if LI really is your nearest. But, I bet there's something in NJ closer...

To read more:

I always considered sake to be rice wine.

You're right...sake is absolutely fair game for this WBW!

This looks fun - count me in!

I've been meaning to try English wine for some time, and this may be the perfect excuse :)

OK, fact check this! (Er, I just realized we have a Napa blogger here, so I shouldn't be so smug...)
A Marin County winery. (I tried to make that a link but it's not working. Details at my blog.)

This blog its wonderful thaks for admin.

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