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August 30, 2005


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Oh that does look good. There really is a difference isn't there between the factory farmed chicks and the free-range and/or organic. I'm on my way to a farm to pick up such a bird this afternoon. Now tell me--what wine did you drink with it?

The flavor difference was definitely obvious.

As to wines...we just tried it with several of the already-open bottles that I tasted that morning for a piece I was working on. I think my favorite (with the meal) was a 2001 merlot from Opsrey's Dominion...while Nena preferred their 01 cabernet franc. The chardonnay had been open a day too long...and so had the fume blanc.

That looks great. Nice browning. M and I had a small roast chicken from a really good local producer. It had been a while since I had done one, and it was a good reminder of why a really good roast chicken is worth making. It was small enough that I could serve each of us half the bird.

A month ago I started doing a roast chicken every Sunday night after I discovered an organic, free range supplier. Last Sunday my son "why is roast chicken suddenly tasting so good?" After years of mediocore supermarket chicken you can really taste the difference.

looks very good!!

Hookah Shisha

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