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August 17, 2005


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wow...what an amazing virtual tasting! thanks so much for putting it all together. can't wait for the next one!

Gee, Lenn, I send in my report a week early and you leave me out. :-)

Forty-five, participants, folks, 45. Here's my report:


I didn't leave you out! Look again!

Okay, my eyes are failing me.

Oy, I think I need a vacation.

Great round up Lenn. That's a lot of reading to look forward to this weekend. Thanks for hosting.

When this was mentioned, although I am not a blogger, I decided to take the challenge which brought me to Sakonnet Vineyards. Of which they were having a deal on their 2001 Chardonnay $50 bucks a case!!! and of all their chardonnays, it was the one that fit my palate the best, creamy buttery not too tart and certainly a bargain.
There is my response to the challenge.
Good one Lenn, Do this one in the future, and I may just participate and make my own wine blog.

Really great theme and really great fun. It may take me as long to read everyone else's report as it took you to wrap it up! Great job!

I was not sure how to get in on the fun - I thought I sent an e-mail with a link to my very small blog, with a very local wine, but here it is again:


Hope it makes it.


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