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August 10, 2005


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Brilliant! Kudos to you for rescuing an animal in need of a good home. He looks like a winner.

Our Golden Retriever, Molly, likes wine, but she definitely prefers beer. :-)

it's snoopy! i love beagles! so cute! and cant'wait for wbw summaries... ;)

so cute.

He's a cutie :)

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME Ben!

You know I have a soft spot for rescue cuties, so big huge kudos to you and Nena for that.

He's awfully adorable... Can't wait to see more pictures and more fun from him.

Awwwww! The only thing cuter than a beagle is a beagle puppy. I can't wait to meet Ben. :-) Such a sweet lil' face!

Congratulations on your new arrival---he looks great. Next trip to Schoharie he'll have to meet Shadow who looks forward to seeing to both of you again (as do we)

Michael, Theresa and Shadow

I've got a beagle too!

It's not all cuteness and wagging tails, though. Wait till he attacks the coffee table when you're greeting guests and devours an ENTIRE Pacific smoked salmon AND a pound of pate de campagne...

Oh believe me....we know haha. We're working on the whole "outside" thing...and because he was kept in a basement 24/7 in his first home...he walks outside fine...but doesn't "perform" out there...it's the strangest (and most frustrating thing).

But thanks everyone..he really is sooo cute. And SO good except for the housebreaking thing!

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