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October 18, 2005


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I have pet (Along with my daughter) Trevie and Jackson.
Not only do they guard the vines, but they are excellent public relations to the visitors.
I believe Palmer Vineyards has a few cats doing the job.

Gee, Lenn, when I read the title on My Yahoo page (RSS feed), I thought you were doing an expose of truly crappy wines. Inquiring minds wanted to know!

I want Bernie! I want I want! :)

What is this, the new Mondovino? ;)

Funny one, Dr. Vino. I knew the posting reminded me of something...

Hey, I think a 3rd career for you is in order: Lenn's Custom Pet Pics!

Great photos. You captured Trevie's aura to a tee.

We've been meeting with the fascinating dogs at the wineries here in Virginia. You can check out their pictures on our blog vawinedogs.blogspot.com

Animals in zoos have a variety of activities to keep them occupied and interested throughout the day and night. Pets need this kind of stimulation too, especially dogs. Unfortunately, many dogs spend their days in home environments that can be lonely and lack stimulation. While left alone, their instincts are to hunt, explore, play or socialize.

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