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November 28, 2005


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You have hit on one of my big pet peeves, especially for a lot of the Finger Lakes wineries. I just can not believe the lack of updating on the websites. I understand that it takes time to collect one's thoughts and input them on to a website and I'm sure the wineries will say they are more focused on making great wine than making a great website. But I believe it is costing them sales to not put a little more effort into the websites.

Although it may not yet belong there, you should soon add "blogging" to your list of must-do activities for a winery's website. There's a few that have been professionally encouraged, like Stormhoek, but others are starting to emerge more organically. Personally, I really like reading the more casual thoughts of the owner or winemaker or whoever is contributing, much as I like meeting these people when I visit a small winery.


You're absolutely right. In fact, I had that in the first draft of the story (it was printed in Dan's Papers locally) but took it out...mostly because I think that is the next stage AFTER they do the things I eventually listed.

I think you'll see at least a couple LI wineries start blogs within the next 12 to 18 months. A couple have contacted me asking about it, in fact.


I think you're absolutely right. I know that when I hear about a new winery, the first thing I do is check their website. And, in this day and age where interstate shipping is more possible, it's silly not to have a web presence.

There's a way for wineries with (or without) a Web site to improve their Web-based marketing without spending a penny.

A winery (or anyone else) holding a wine or food event can promote it --free-- by posting details on event calendars such as ours: LocalWineEvents.com

Admittedly, my comment is self-serving, but it's also true we offer a unique marketing service that benefits both consumers and the wine/food industry.

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