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November 30, 2005


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I have heard a lot of generalities about NYWCC being a "gateway for educational agriculture and wine programs", but I really have not heard any details of what is going to be there. Have you heard any specifics? I heard that they were planning on opening by June 2006.

Actually no...I've not heard many details at all. Still trying to track some down. I'd like to get out there for the opening if I can.

Hey Guys, the opening of the NYWCC could be the impetus for a New York food and wine bloggers gathering--what do you think? Depending on the date (I could be in Columbus, OH when it happens) I'd be happy to help pull this together. Wouldn't it be great to meet???

Anything more recent on opening of the NYState Culinary and Wine Center in Canandaigua??

Yes -- check out my blog for a quick comment and grand opening information


There are several culinary schools in country which offers wide variety of certified culinary art programs in a reasonable cost. The schools provide all fundamentals of cooking and knife skills, sanitation and safety and baking and pastry skills. Some of the institutes offer specific cuisines in their school but there are also many other schools that provide international cuisines to their students.


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