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November 22, 2005


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Sounds like the Mother of all wine battles. I must agree that this is an unfortunate side effect of the popularity of wine. As wine becomes more a part of popular culture (Sideways, etc.), the profiteers will find ways to shortcut the process in the name of economic efficiency. But I have to believe that there will always be a thriving market for well-crafted wines that exhibit the tell-tale traits of their region. Thank you Richard for a thought-provoking post.

hey lenn,
were we thinking the same thing at the same time? Pretty freaky bro'... my last two posts were exactly on this subject...IM all for listing the stuff on the label and let the consumer decide..

Call me a grape purist, but I totally agree with the last line of the article.

A few weeks ago I went tasting in parts of Massachusetts. It is amazing how many farms call their wines made with apples and pears wines. Most tasted terrible. If the others tasted different, they still didnt have the "Wine" taste.
All wines should be made with grapes. other than that, it is cider or fruit juice.

Do you think we could replace the silly sulfite warning on US labels with an actual list of ingredients? Like, not in our lifetime! (I'd just love to see things like French Oak Shards, American Oak Sawdust, Pectin, and Designer Yeast 532(R).)

Oh, "WMVs -- Wines of Mass Vinification" - aren't these simply called Industrial Wines?

Hallelujah. I think this is right on . Keep it up. In the end, US consumers only gain by understanding where their wine comes from...

We have our fair share of WMV over here in OZ I'm afraid :-(


"Remember a merlot grape -- the same merlot grape -- grown in upstate New York or Sonoma or Bordeaux will not taste the same even if we used exactly the same processing techniques. It's the terroir stupid!"

Are you sure you could tell the difference between these three wines if they were in front of you and you were tasting blind?

Tom, I believe you could put a tasting together (using three individual wines from producers involved in similar wine styles) that might stump the best of tasting panels. However taken as a group, yes I do believe there are differences between these three regions that would be quite evident. Imo, terroir is not something that is developed through individual wines, rather its a regional flavor and impression that is developed over time. My question to you would be - are you saying terroir doesn't matter?

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