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January 23, 2006


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That is such a great idea! Too bad Primanti Bros. doesn't travel well.

Perhaps you can offer a case of Iron City?

You've got that right! If it did, I'd order a PILE of sandwiches for the big game.

And of course PA wine is horrid...so I'd not with that upon ANYONE in our blogosphere.

I may need to come up with something different if anyoen takes me up on it...maybe a case of Iron City! I'm sure I could get my parents to help me out with those arrangements.

Or maybe I'll just to NY wines...

Not that it matters...I'll be collecting...not giving!

If my sister lives in Seattle can I place a bet on her behalf! Go Seahawks!

jens at cincinnati wine futures

ps: I guess this means I'll never get to host WBW ever again!


You chump...just because we may have ruined Carson for life doens't mean you should cheer for the NFC! ;)

And no...I want to bet with a real life Seattle resident!

Okay, you asked for it! I'm steppin' up to this challenge! The Hawks are on a roll and no little mound of steel is going to stop them!

I will put a bottle of Matthews 2001 Columbia Valley (http://www.matthewscellars.com/sections/ourwines/01redwine.html)on the line. I only have one or two bottles left but I know that I'm not going to actually ship it to you, so I'm okay with that! :-)

Whadda got to offer buddy?

~ B


You are ON sista...

What do I have to offer? Hmmm...I won't make you drink ANY wine made in Pittsburgh, or even PA for that matter. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy...aka Shaun Alexander.

Let's make this a Bordeaux-blend for Bordeaux-style blend wager. I'll put up my last bottle of Martha Clara Vineyards 6025 (http://lennthompson.typepad.com/lenndevours/2005/04/2001_reds_help_.html)

As they say...let's get it on!

Nice. I'll really enjoy that bottle, I'm sure! Maybe I'll even have a little tasting with the two bottles (with a few other Seahawk fans, of course!) ;-)

~ B

Oh it will be me tasting the two bottles...with my lone local Steelers fan friend and his girlfriend...and I'll be sure to write allll about the bottle I won from you...don't you worry!

This is going to make for a good couple of weeks...who would have thought that the world of sports smack talk would make its way into the food blogosphere?!?

Good luck...and no, I don't mean that in the least!

Ha! You're lucky you can even find one - and the girlfriend doesn't count so don't even try that!

Please...if I were living in Pittsburgh, it would be a completely different situation. You have that one advantage...you get to cry collectively when we win! There will be thousands of people to console you.

Find me ONE "Seahawks Bar" outside of the Pacific Northwest...try it.

There are Steelers bars thoughout the world...I bet there's some in SEATTLE! I mean, the team wears TEAL...how great a sports town can it be? ;)

And THIS is why I say get a Forum going! This is awesome fodder for conversation! What a challenge!
PS You best HOPE that Seattle wins, That Martha Clara 6025 is exqisite!

BTW I am a Patriots fan, an AFC person, and I have to root upon conference lines. GO PITTSBURGH!

my husband is a chef and wants to do a special dish for each superbowl team. i must mention he is from pittsburgh, though we now live in central florida.go STEELERS !!!
he is making the "roethlis-burger" for the steelers , do you guys in seattle have any ideas for the seahawks special?also what variations do you have on the roethlis-burger ??? write us back ,
the food lovers and steeler fans
bridget and dan

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