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January 24, 2006


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okay, first off, the husband is rooting for the Steelers, so I'm giving you these submissions as someone that is on your side. ;)

I always make two dips for football: a corn dip and a bacon dip.

The first is equal amounts of sour cream and mayo. Add shredded cheddar cheese and a drained can of corn. Add some salsa, let it sit for a few hours for flavor, and you are set to go.

The second is an amazing dip of chopped almonds and chiffonades of bacon. Soo good.

These obviously aren't linked to Pittsburgh in any way, but they are DAMN good. :)

Lenn, you and I are easily on the same page. I'm providing recipes over the next two weeks for almost all of the above. Feel free to copy and paste to your hearts content.

However, one additional sandwich must be brought up, especially to honor the New Ken/Arnold area.

Italian sausages on a corn dusted roll, fried with onions and green and red pepeppers.

Oh, and for beer, it's Rolling Rock or nothing. :-)

I had a feeling there might be some overlap here...

I'm from the burbs...the North Hills...you'll have to forgive my omission!

Rolling Rock eh? I'm shocked that you're not an Iron-during-the-game sorta gal!

I'll be asking my family and friends for some of these recipes as well...so we'll see how they differ!

Oh...I'd say venison chili, made with the ground loin of a deer that I shot with my muzzle-loader on the first day of Buck Season (which is, by the way, a state holiday) and then hung from a tree in my front yard for three days in order to rid itself of that gamey taste.

Then to wash it all down, I'd drive down to the First National Bank of Sharon and pull that six-pack of vintage Robin Hood Ale from my safety deposit box. You know...the six pack that I was saving for my daughter's wedding.

And that, my friend Lenn, is what I would serve for my Superbowl Party...were I not living in Spain right now.

My Terrible Towel will return from the dry cleaners on Thursday. Here's one for the thumb.

Sal (Hermitage, PA resident from 1977-1983)

I remember having some good fried zuchinni that was a specialty at a Pittsburgh diner when I was traveling through. Love that stuff with a good dip!

I suppose a steely Chablis is probably gauche, eh? ;)

Here are some Pittsburgh "must have" foods:

1. Clark Bars
2. Klondikes
3. Big Macs (Yep. Big Macs are from the burgh.)
4. Steak or chicken salad with steak fries on the salad. (Yummm!)
5. Chipped chopped ham sandwiches
6. Pimanti sandwiches -- meat, cheese, coleslaw and french fries squished between 2 pieces of French bread
7. Fried zucchini sliced lengthwise with lemon and parmesan.
8. Heinz ketchup
9. Kielbasa
10. Fried fish samiches (read as "sandwiches")

Oh, I forgot.

Beer: Iron City, IC Light, Rolling Rock, or Straub


Red pop.

OR Daily's Little Hugs

Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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