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January 06, 2006


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Hi Lenn,

If you were going to see Don Giovanni, I would have suggested going BYOB with a bottle of Marzemino (an obscure Italian grape variety) which is referred to extensively in the opera as "Eccellente Marzemino!"

The only bonefide wine bar nearby is Divine Bar on 54th St which is OK if you can put up the the boom boom beat in the background. (you might be better off heading to Morrell's in Rock. Center)

Uptown at 72nd and columbus is SQC, a very good casual wine restaurant with a small bar and good prices.

Perhaps music related wine could be a WBW theme?

Have fun at the opera,



Have a wonderful time- while yes it is true there are subtitles- the music speaks for itself so just sit back and enjoy! I saw her face Christmas morning- it IS her favorite gift.


Thanks for the tips. We've been to Morrell at Rock Center several times. I may have to check out SQC with the wife...perhaps for after-dinner drinks before heading to the Met.


Yeah...I think I did pretty well with this gift :)

Just found your blog. Your post makes me want to brave the chilly air and visit NYC.


Don Giovanni is about the only opera I've ever seen that didn't send ME right to sleep. Have a gooooood time.

BTW, at intermission the still wines are pretty bad but the sparkling not too. Drink up!

Just returned from New York City and two Metropolitan operas last week. I ran across your site by accident. Why do you refer to Pittsburgh as culturally challenged? I've lived there all of my life and have never wanted for anything cultural to do. Perhaps if you do a little research you'll find Pittsburgh ranked surprisingly high in availability of cultural events. I hope you enjoyed NYC and the Met as much as I do and I also hope you've developed a love of opera to carry with you throughout life.

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