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January 04, 2006


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oooh its a bit of a toughy for me..I'm torn between #3 and #5..so I guess I will go with logo design #3 for my final answer Regis. ;)

They all look great but I think I like logo #4 best.

So much creative talent...amazing! I have to vote for #3 though. Classic, simple, elegant.

I like #4.

I like design three, but what's up with the nipple?

# 3 gets my vote!

#2 or #5. The former is the most simple and therefore sits well with the blogging concept. The latter is the most like a wine label.

I like #4 and #5, but #4 gets my vote because it makes me want to open that book and see what's inside.

#3 for me.

I really like number 5 but wonder how it looks when it's scaled down. I als liked number 3 as a close second-but I too thought it looked like there was a nipple in there.

Please, please, let it be #5.

#3 is my favorite, but, no award would get my real vote.

Or maybe $5. It's classier! Yeah, FIVE is the ticket.

I like #3 (the one with the "dot" representing the letter "i" in the word "wine")
Probably, you should number the entries.

#3 is creative and piques interest.


Hands down! Number 3 is by far the best!!

My vote is for number 3.....great job to everyone who submitted a design!

I like both #3 and #5. But after much deliberation I have to go with number #3. It is clean, simple and scales down nicely.

#5 is my vote

regarding #2 - you're kidding me aren't you?

DAMN IT! somehow i missed the logo contest. I already have a WBW logo on my blog, and would have offered it to the group.
http://www.drinksomewine.com/home/zed-marlborough-sauvignon-blanc-2004-9.html that being said i think i toss my hat in for #3, unless you accept a late entry of my wine stains.

I vote for number three!

I just stumbled onto drinksomewine's logo, and not to throw a monkey into the works (whatever that means!), I vote for his WBW logo. It is FAR better! I demand a recount. Just kidding. No hanging chads here, but check out the logo at:


jens at cincinnati wine

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