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February 06, 2006


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you were able to get the NEW MONSTER TV off the floor before the game!!! Enjoy the victory!
(and I won 50 bucks!)
MIL :)

Oh come on - I certainly don't want to spoil your fun... Hit me when I'm down. I know I'm a *girl* but I can handle it! Give me your best shot! ;-)

~ B

I agree, better to watch the game with a small group of true fans..... even though there are about 4 sports bars here in Jacksonville that are dedicated as Steeler fan hangouts.

As I donned my celebratory black suit and yellow blouse coming into the office this morning, I was greeted by the woman from North Hills who works in my building (who was wearing her Pgh jersey) with a very gregarious "How 'bout them Stillers!!!!"

Way to go Pittsburgh!!! Makes me want to back home for the celebration!!

Congrats man! (To bad the refs where all paid off though, there were some terrible calls.)

Anyway, I made the Polish Sausage Chips with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce and everyone raved about them, thanks for making me look good.


I've got to admit--I don't understand football. I've only watched bits and pieces of a game. Super Bowl Sunday is another day for me. BUT. I watched the end of the game to see if the Steelers won because I knew it would make your day. Congratulations!


Congratulations! I look forward to next year when the Steelers and Bengals meet. I watched the game in Chicago at a bar where the fans were evenly split between the Seahawks and the Steelers. It's always great to wine with your B- game. Take away two big plays and it's a different game.

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