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March 17, 2006


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If I ever (or should I say when) get to NY I really must go on one of these tastings with you to see how our perceptions differ. I mean a basic chard against a Puligny-Montrachet; What ever next!

Come on, we could beat Lenz by comparing it to other New York Wines.


That may be true (certainly it is, there are many other wines of note in NY) but that wasn't the point of the tasting or the post.

What are some of your favorites?

Sounds like a mini-version of the 1976 "Judgment of Paris"!

Hi Lenn,

I must say that pitting a fresh, crisp New York Chardonnay against a white burgundy from a vintage where the wines were so fat and flabby that most winemakers acidified is maybe not entirely fair. It would be more interesting to see something like a 2004 Chard vs. 2004 white Burg, since the vintage was much more typique. Of course, should the Puligny-Montrachet cost as much as $35 when it is, in a word, boring?

As for the 2001 test, it sounds like the Burg was in a dumb state. I'd love to see the tasting of these same wines done again in three years to five years.

French wine defender to the end ;)


Lenn, I think this post is great. Wow, you fired up some folks:) I can't wait to seek out Lenz wines..I'm all about supporting local vineyards.


I think you're 100% right. I think they preyed on the lack of French wine knowledge many (most?) of the attendees had. Let's just say that I was the only one spitting and taking detailed notes of any sort, at least at my table.

The tasting probably wasn't fair at all in most flights.


I'd highly recommend the white label chardonnay and also their gewurtztraminer, which obviously wasn't included in this tasting.

This is good stuff.

I agree with Kristin on the whites, I would have loved to see '04 vs '04.

For the reds, although the French reds should open up more, they have certainly matured enough for a tasting. I'm impressed that Lenz faired so well...guess I need to go buy a bottle...Ed

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