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April 26, 2006


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Happy Birthday chap! Smoking your own food... another incentive to hope across the pond.

obviously they should say hop not hope...

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Happy Birthday! Oh, I forgot, you like it low key. Well then, happy b'day.

enjoy...thirties move at a rapid pace...
low key office gig? what no elaine singing
"get well get well soon?" festivities...bah humbug

Ya know, the number of ways we cross paths is getting scary. Let's count them - from this post alone...

1. My birthday is April 24th - two days off from yours, but sharing the Taurus sign nonetheless.

2. I hate office birthday cake, which must be universally legislated as, "to be served at 3:00 PM local time."

3. I avoided my office cake, too. Well, I THOUGHT I had, but they served it up a day late since I was still jetlagged on Monday.

4. The Backyard Vintner? Yup - I own it and I'm reading it now. I'm deep in the detailed wine making portion of the book. Much less exciting than planting the vines - until you have the vines to harvest from that you planted in the early chapters. :)

And, of course, while I am not from anywhere in PA, we're both Steelers fans.

So, when do we get to meet?

Happy Birthday, Bizaro Buddy.

Happy birthday, Lenn!

Happye belated birthday!

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