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April 18, 2006


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Sheesh. I was so bummed when the Hargraves sold, though I totally understand how necessary it was. I hope whoever buys it understands the importance of the property.

Let's hope so...I haven't heard any rumors in terms of potential suitors...but that's some price tag.

I hope that whoever takes over restores the property to its Hargrave days...

All we can do is hope for the best. Look on the bright side--with every transaction the property's history becomes deeper, richer... As long as it's owned by a Long Islander I'll be happy. If foreign investors get involved I'll really be bummed.

As Bill shared the optomistic point of view, I forsee a gloomier future.

I think that the rising cost of real estate will ensure more expensive wine. The problem is that it will not ensure better wine. Assuming a winemaker of similar talent, can we justify an extra $5 or $10/bottle?

No. I don't think we can justify it. But, if the market at large supports the prices, who am I or anyone else to say they can't charge that.

Are there wines out East that are grossly overpriced in my opinion? Absolutely...countless ones really.

But the quality is there if you take the time to taste the wines and understand the market. I'll put some of LI's 20-to-30 dollar reds up against similarly priced wines from most anywhere.

Lenn, I completely agree with your thoughts on pricing and Long Island. As in most wine regions we have over-priced plonk as well as great value. An educated consumer will eventually identify the producers that are dedicated to - and practice - quality winemaking.

I think this discussion should also mention the countless over-priced wines from California, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, etc. etc.

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