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April 24, 2006


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Please put me down for one 375ml bottle. And Lenn, please wash your feet before stomping.

I'm not washing my feet...my funk is part of the terroir, isn't it?

How about a barter arrangement? I'll trade you a pound of pulled pork for a bottle of wine. Believe me, you're getting the best of that deal. ;-)

Great idea, Lenn! I might also toss my hat into the "wine blogger/winemaker" ring myself with a barrel or two of Napa juice. Should I do this, my cult price will be significantly below yours... perhaps a bit of barter is in order in around 18 months ;-)

Ah, exclusivity, the key to success. Can't wait for the (completely objective) tasting notes! Such a fun project.

Oooh, Derrick is going to be so jealous! That's so awesome that you'll get to be hands-on with your grapes.

This could be the next big reality TV show...on the Food channel...very interesting and gutsy!

Wow, Cab Franc for $4.25, I'll take a bottle.

That's way to cheap bro. Do you have any idea what price the 2005 First Growth Bordeaux's will be fetching by then? This will be an 06, even fresher and better. If you'd like to employ my mad marketing skillz, let me know.

(P.S. Reserve me a bottle, I love Cabernet Franc.)

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