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April 18, 2006


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Happy early birthday my friend. I look forward to reading about your exploits in the world of barbeque. Me thinks you may be abandoning the world of wine soon.

You're going to love that Weber Smokey Mountain. Before you use it, go out and buy a charcoal chimney starter. If you ever put lighter fluid or worse, matchlight, in that cooker, I'm gonna kick your ass.

If you need any help or have any questions just drop me a note.

Don't worry...the chimney starter is already at the top of my "to buy" list...along with a couple probe thermometers!

And I have a feeling there will be some questions coming your way as well. Thanks for the offer!

There's a walk thu on how to do ribs on my blog from January 2006. Take a look.



Here's my favorite BBQ forum


...while visions of pork bellies danced in his head...

Enjoy the new toy! Boy, I wish ours lived at our apartment. Schlepping down to San Leandro where ours lives (about twenty minutes south) is a real pain.

I got a WSM for Christmas this past year, and I must say it's the best gift I could have gotten. I second the Virtual Weber Bullet post above, it's a great resource. Enjoy the Q!

The smoker commeth! Congratulations...and let the smoking begin. I've attended several major BBQ competitions...in Iowa (The Pork Week Expo - Barbercolassal) and the Great Lenexa Cookoff in Kansas City. Lenn, I'll send you a Big Daddy's Zubba Bubba Cookbook...the Holiday Cookbook has 2 hrs of BBQ recipes and smoker tips from competition chefs.

Congrats and watch out waistline!

So where are all the experiments you were going to chronicle on LENNDEVOURS?

Or was that lip service?

Hey! Jen just got me one of those. This post came up while I was searching for ideas of what to do with it.

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