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May 10, 2006


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Very good. I get Golden Earthworm produce from the Islip Grower’s Market. Fresh every Saturday and it’s real close to my house.

Every year I plant 1000 sqft. vegetable garden in my yard and it’s a lot of work. Looks real nice, but fall behind on the weeds and whatta mess! No worries like that with CSA.

Good luck and don’t forget to share the recipes with us.

Please do update on how the CSA goes -- I've been eyeing Golden Earthworm for a couple of years, but I've never been able to convince my husband to do the initial outlay of cash.

I, too, suffer the tyranny of Stop & Shop. Please do post any advice you have on eating locally out here! (You'd swear it should be easier than in Manhattan, right?)

Are you saying that yo don't have many farm stands on the North Fork? I'm on the South Fork, and we have dozens. Although I grow a lot of my own veggies and herbs, I can walk to two different farmers.

What about Satur Farms, I heard they have great stuff, do they have a retail stand?

By the way, you should see my asparagus, they are 3 feet tall, since they are only in their second year, I was advise to not harvest till next year.

Oh we have farmstands...but they aren't the kind you probably go to. These ones are people (like you or me really) who go out east, buy from the producers and then bring them west...and jack up the prices.

I'd rather deal directly with the grower...plus, it will force us to try some different produce that we might not normally try...

I'm starting our first garden at the new house this year...I'm thinking just a few kinds of tomatoes and maybe some lettuce this year...with expansion plans coming up.

Check out OrganicsTodayFarms.com

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