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June 09, 2006


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Babelfish does a semi-ok job of translating Dutch (probably as good as can be expected anyway) - http://babelfish.altavista.com

On the post before the one you linked to they say

"In America it is a term: Wine Blogging Wednesday.

On next we also start 7 June in the Netherlands.

Of course in an own, Dutch version:"

So they don't seem to be stating it is original - the least they could have done was give you a link though!

they stole MY wine blogging wednesday!

They do not present it as their idea, they're honest about it. WBW is a great idea, and these people thought it would be great to adapt it for their Dutch readers, who don't always know how to describe a wine in English.

They work also slightly different: they ask you to buy two wines and write in a comment if you like them, and with what you would combine them.

Tim and Cam are absolutely right about notifying you, Lenn. I am sorry we didn't do that straight away. I have written an rectification and explanation on my blog today. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.
Mariëlla Beukers, one of the initiators of WBW goes Dutch.

Dear all,

I guess we've done some 'product development' on your great WBW-idea. It might be something you could try to do in the US as well. The Dutch are known for their 'Dutch treat'and the fact that they don't spend their money loosely. In our supermarkets (70% of wine volume in the Netherlands is sold through supermarkets) the underlying attitude has had its devestating impact: middle of the road wines, no choice, nothing exciting. As a consequence, John Doe's idea of the taste and pleasure of wine is not ours - to put it mildly.

Our concept is to send people out to buy two wines and compare them. A culinary critic for a big national newspaper supported the idea by an article in that paper. Consumers can share their experiences on our blogs. For sure, comparing is an effectieve way of making people taste in stead drink wine. And ... to make them conscious of both quality and price (of course .....)

Just an idea!

Hi, Lenn!

Just to let you know that your concept as also been "borrowed" on my blog, which is in French (from Quebec). It's brand new and we translated it to " Les Mercredis Blogue et Vin".

Don't worry, I started by explaining your idea and linking your site!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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