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July 21, 2006


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Any fruit juice (or a mix of a few different types) mixed with Sprite or SevenUp (50/50).

The kids love it and it is very refreshing during summer time.

Weak decaffinated tea? This is a tough one!

Big congratulations, by the way!!!

First let me congratulate you two on the upcoming addition to your family.
Second I will offer the opinion that an occasional glass of wine with dinner (especially now that Nena is past the first trimester) is not going to be a problem. Remember that moderation in all things is the key. As long as a good prenatal diet is being followed the baby will be fine.
Third-If she likes it, milk (with a couple of ice cubes on these hot summer days), is good for her and the baby!

Good luck!

First and foremost, CONGRATS Lenn and Nena!
Have you tried ice tea, or even iced green or white tea? I think it's a good, and refreshing drink for the summer. Good luck finding a refreshing bev!
Love you two! Oh and of course my "nephew" Ben.

In the summer we often enjoy sun brewed unsweeetened iced tea with some orange juice. Doesn't look great but tastes nice.

oops, make that decaf tea.

Congratulations!!! Has Nena tried any of the vegetable drinks (some are actually quite good)or you can get a juicer and come up with your own combination of veges and/or fruits. Of course, there's always ice cream. They are making wine ice cream now (no alcohol in it). Whip it into a shake and there you go.

How about beer? Oh, wait...

Congratulations! I've seen in grocery stores around here (Syracuse area--namely Wegmans food stores) wine with less than 2% alcohol. They are the noble varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and I think the alcohol was somehow removied after fermnentation. I have no idea if they are any good, so perhaps someone can comment.

Congrats on the baby!

Try out orangenia. I just found it again the other day and have been craving it since. Good stuff.

I know it's still soda, but San Pellegrino Aranciata or Limoncello is really great - sparkly, fresh, and not as sweet as traditional sodas. Also, Republic of Tea makes a fantastic Blackberry Sage iced tea teabags for something a little different.

Sometimes to get the gin and tonic "feel" without the alcohol factor, I'll have just tonic and lime.

Good luck!!

oops - you already said that tonic water isn't doing the trick... sorry.

oops - you already said that tonic water isn't doing the trick... sorry.

I have to go along with the milk (and yes with the cubes) and seltzer with lemon for food friendly alternative. By the way, big congrats! All these changes at once.

Being preggo myself, I understand! I've been trying club soda with lemon, lime, or orange slices. If I want juice, but don't want too much sugar, I'll mix it with half water or half club soda. How about chocolate milk? Also, on weekends, if I'm around those who are imbibing, I'll mix up a batch of frozen bacardi daquiris (banana & strawberry are great) and just make in non-alcoholic for me! Good luck!

No wine, I'd be in big trouble.

How about GUS Meyer Lemon soda. I hate soda, it is far too sweet. This tastes like lightly carbonated lemonade. And for you, add some vodka.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I think smoothies are great (made with milk, soymilk, or just crushed ice) as they can be flavored with whatever strikes the pregnant woman's fancy at that moment.

Brew up a pot of green (there is a little bit of caffeine in green tea), peppermint or a fruit tea. Let it steep as normal and then remove the leaves. Cool the tea and pour over ice with mint leaves and a little bit of fresh lemon/lime or any fruit (grapes?). So basically its an ice tea.

there's a lovely pomegranate vinegar sold at Trader Joes that they suggest mixing with seltzer for a refreshing summer drink
i've tried it (both in salad dressings and seltzer) and it truly is lovely
much like verjus + seltzer, but with a much deeper flavor
its not too expensive either
congrats and enjoy!

Oh, my dears, it sounds like you didn't pick up any June Taylor syrups! Alas, had we made it to Hangar One, I might have forced it upon you.

Blackberry-Verbena or Strawberry-Rose Geranium make lovely spritzers with a great deal of complexity and very little sweetness.

Lenn, if you get me your Ravenswood order, I shall gladly send some syrups your way as well!

The best beverage for any pregnant woman could be low-fat milk or yogurt. Yogurt is more preferable as you can dilute it with black pepper and ginger powder, two most important spices for pregnant woman.

Lenn, try smoothies. You can make a smoothie out of just about any fruit. Perhaps you can aquie some decent grapes from one of your favorite contacts at a winery and blend them into a nice grape smoothie.
Be creative...

Lenn, Two thoughts for Nena. Try Granita - Italian flavored soda. Or, heaven forbid, dealcoholized wine.
Now, DON'T even think of this as wine or you will think it is awful. Think of it as a step above grape juice. The best of the bunch seems to be Ariel. the "Rouge" and "Blanc" are better, in my opinion than the "Cabernet" and the "Chardonnay." You can make a not bad cocktail of Ruoge and Ginger ale with a sprinkle of Five Spice. You can also dealcoholize your own wine by boiling it for five minutes, then chilling.
The loss of alcohol causes a lack of body and deminishes the suave smoothness of wine. Again, this does not taste like wine, but it's better than grape juice. Inexpensive and fortified wines are the best candidates. Two-buck-chuck works, as do pale dry and Fino sherry.

As a father-to-be also, I reccommend milk. Stay in the 2% range, which has lots of nutrients (go organic) but keeps the fat content down. During her pregnancy my wife hasn't enjoyed a beverage with her meal (for some reason), but afterward begs me to make a milkshake (2 C 2% milk, 5 ice cubes, 2 scoops vanilly ice cream, 2 T Chocolate syrup, 1/4 C peanut butter: blender, 4 minutes). She says it is the best thing for making her feel satisfied for more than an hour or so. During dinner, it might also be good to go with sorbet, lemon or watermelon are good, to keep cool fluids what don't disrupt the food flavor too much.

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