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July 17, 2006


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Hi Lenn! If you want to beat the birds, go buy some netting (you can get it in the garden section at Home depot) and cover those raspberries now! My girlfriend has a giant blueberry bush that puts out a ton of berries every year. Last year, we only got a handful before the birds picked the bush clean. A couple of weeks ago this year, I spent an afternoon putting bird netting up on it (yes, a whole afternoon! I said it was giant!) and we have been spending a ton of time out picking the berries daily for the past 5 days! We've got about a quart so far, and these are just the early ripeners. It won't be long until we get a ton of them.

I think your best bet is to pick 'em when they look good and let them ripen indoors for another week or so. Most wild raspberries I've picked are, in fact, very tart - but they make great pies and smoothies.

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