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July 10, 2006


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Don't go with a raging cold, like the people in the second picture :)

I struggle to get people to spit at wine rooms. Even some of my friends who should know better "drink one sip, and then dump the rest." They're still ingesting the alcohol, wiping out their palate and getting tipsy. Especially here in California, where each sip is like a bottle of German Riesling in terms of alcohol content.

So that's my tip -- spit out your wine!

An excellent recommendation and one that I've adopted over the past year or so.

Of course, I wonder how many of my readers care about preserving their palate and not getting wasted :)

I went to a few wineries a couple of weekends ago, and I had to start spitting on the last few wines at the last winery. I was one of the people that didn't realize how much alcohol I was having without food (because honestly, those little crackers don't count.) 1 ounce pours of 6-8 wines at 3 different wineries adds up to a lot of wine! So by the time I got near the end, I had a little buzz going, and still had an hour drive ahead of me!

Lenn, I've worked it out to make a quick visit to Channing Daughters on Friday--yay! Any chance of meeting up? And are there any other places I must visit in the four hours I've got out there?

Yes, at tastings the dizziness always sneaks up on me.

Any tips on getting over that "I don't want to spit in front of strangers" fear? How do you do it delicately?

Don't do it delicately! Do it with gusto...or you'll dribble down your chin and onto your clothes.

You just have to start doing it...and you'll get more and more used to it. I spit all of the time now...and I think it quickly identifies me as someone who really knows wine and isn't there just to get hammered. More often than not, it starts a conversation with the people pouring and really adds to the experience

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