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July 03, 2006


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Melissa finds the "de-cellulosing" a nasty process, since the sheet is so slimy. I find it fascinating to see cellulose's cross-connecting capabilities at work. It's a tough material when you get a thick sheet of it.

It sure is...I tried to push a hole in it with my fingers...but couldn't easily.

And yes...my mom and wife agreed that it was pretty nasty...I think they said it look like a human liver or some other organ.

Was the bottle from Lieb left in the background as a hint regarding this vinegar's origin? Or is that your traditional "removing the cellulose" drink around the "Lenn" kitchen?

Ha...that's actually an empty bottle of Pellegrini's second label merlot -- not the Bridge Lane merlot from Lieb. My parents drank most of it before I got home...and then I poured what was left in just before de-cellulosing the vinegar :)

Looks interesting. I just started making vinegar, and that's what I got too. Is this correct? What did you do once you removed it? Is that layer of cellulose also called "the mother", or is that something else?

hey did you get accidentally or you work on it really beautiful

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