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August 17, 2006


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Lenn, "Ice Wine" is officially only when the grapes have frozen on the vine. They are harvested in the wee hours of the morning, before the daytime temps can thaw them out, and they are crushed immediately. The process releases more of the concentrated sugars.

"Late Harvest" wines are made when the grapes have been given an extra long hang time, thereby raising brix and lowering pH and Acidity.

These are both very similar things, but beginning fermentation while the grape must is still relatively slushy or frozen creates different aspects.

Simply freezing the grapes in the freezer does not accomplish quite the same thing, because of the chemistry of the freezing of grapes on the vine.

Yeah, I know all that...but the "Ice/Iced" name on the category leads me to believe that "Iced" might be commercially frozen....know what I mean?

Good point. If that's the case, it shouldn't be in the same category at all. If you freeze the fruit post harvest, it will aid in breaking down cell walls to get you more juice as the wine thaws, and can give you a few days of cold soaking, but there will be no difference chemically in the product.

If "Iced" is a specific category, then they might as well have categories for "Delestage", "Free Run", "Extended Maceration", and any other specific process that can be used for the fermentation.

Hi Lenn, I meant to call and find out what happened to vinifera red blend. Do you have any idea?

Full results are available on newyorkwine.org under the NY Gold tab.
Pretty interesting results - speaks to the question of ratings and taste. Waters Crest Night Watch won double Gold at Int'l Eatern Wine Competition (held in Finger Lakes Region) and a mere Silver at NY Wine & Food Classic.
Then going to a level of absurdity, Pindar's Pythagoras gets a silver while Roanoke's Blend One only merits a bronze. Yikes.
So rating systems are discredited and Competition results are not so reliable. Where to turn? Keep on reviewing Lenn.

You do what I do don't enter any competitions...they are a business...the public likes to be told what to do...dam sheep...I walk my own path...no competitions for me...all my wine are gold to someone...as for Ice Wine you must harvest at 18 F or below to state 'Ice Wine' if it says anything else it been frozen...I beg to differ true Ice Wines are very complex as opposed to freezing the grapes and then pressing...

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