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October 26, 2006


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Any recommendations for the Beer Brewing Kit? My son is interested in one too and I don't know where to start. Love the rest of your list...

Why would you think it's un-healthy? Especially if you use your wine and cooking talents to feed your family? Would it be better if you were asking for season tickets to the Islanders?

Add to that list - Some of the things on my list - A remote thermometer to measure your pit temp and meat temp, A really goood set of knives, An electric knife sharpener. Man you got me thinking!

You're not the only on my friend. I found this on my blog from last year...

If you can swing it this year Santa, I'd like you to bring me....

A Nu-temp wireless barbecue remote thermometer.

Some barbecue rubs from John Henry.

A smoker from Dave Klose. Santa if you can get him to make me a MOAB, I'd really appreciate it.

A cord of seasoned cherry, apple, oak and maple wood.

100lbs of lump charcoal.

A 48 blade Jaccard to help tenderize the brisket.

A couple of meat injectors.

A new digital camera so that I can post pictures on my blog.

A foodsaver so that I can store and ship all my delicious barbeque.

A good set of knives and a knife skills class at ICE.

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