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October 16, 2006


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How do you get the scallops to sear like that without tearing when you try to turn them?? I've tried using super hot pan, butter, oils...by scallops don't turn golden crisp like that. And clearly, I am angry about it.

Smoking-hot non-stick pan my friend...nothing wrong with cheating ;)

There's something about scallops that makes them very sticky. I use a very well seasoned cast iron frying pan and I don't try to turn the scallop until I'm sure it's ready to turn.

I agree with Lenn about cheating. Many times I cheat by skipping the pan and placing the scallops directly in my mouth. Oh, they are sooo good raw.

I love the Amuse Bouche and though I rarely do it I think it's often because I try so hard to be in the dining room the whole meal, when in the end I end up in the kitchen for a part of it. great idea and one I'll use the next meal I prepare!

It was an amazing meal all the way around and a perfect way to celebrate the end of a wonderful day getting the nursery ready- what fun!

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