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November 13, 2006


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I don't like to rant negatively about restaurants...unless they truly deserve it. This one deserves it. My wife and I had a TERRIBLE experience at Seafood Barge in August. The food was so poor, it was ridiculous, honestly. And the service was okay, but only if you can forgive a place for hiring high school kids as servers who get no training in service. This place is a tourist trap, plain and simple. For essentially the same money you can have lunch at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn, for example. Now that is a great LI restaurant, in my book.

I've been there twice. First time was when it was "one of the best" but, last year, it was really disappointing. I won't go back - and this news makes me more confident in that decision. There are too many good new restaurants to try before I'd give one like this a second (or third) chance.

Seafood Barge definitely went too far. Not only is what they did unfair, but it is also pretty stupid.

How much repeat business do you think they'll get? How many customers were put off enough by the bait & switch that they held back on extras?

A prix fixe menu is just a loss leader and a restaurant can still make a profit on LIRW meals.

We went to Jedediah Hawkins Inn and had a fantastic meal and dining experience. LIRW or not, it still cost me $120 for two $21.95 dinners.

Do you think JHI made a profit on me that night? Yep. But more important than that short term gain, they have a customer who's going to come back (and who's writing a very nice review of the experience.)

Short sighted thinking just rubs me the wrong way and I feel a rant coming on so I'm gonna stop right here.

Who should you rant to Bill, if not us? Don't take it home with you pal, leave it here at "the office."

Ranting in the office is like preaching to the choir. Feels good, but doesn't accomplish much. And it's just so much negative energy.

Hopefully LIRW organizers will hear of SB's rule breaking and penalize/ban them from future events.

sure doesnt accomplish much

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