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December 19, 2006


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This is a great idea! I just signed up!

Nice choice on the Riesling - I LOVE that wine. Seems like a good price this month too, as the Riesling alone retails for $25 at Vintage NY.

Sounds like a fruitful collaborative effort and a win-win for everyone involved. You and The Greene Grape are on to something big here I think.

Do the wines have to have corks?

hi Lenn - I'm in! And for the record, I would trust you to pick good wines no matter how much you are making on the deal.

(BTW - That isn't a boa, it's a slipper :)

'appy Twisted 'olidays! - j

Just received my shipment! Cork Club is alive. I have to say, I got a kick out of the Shinn label, no year, the grapes that it actually is in fine print, but RED in giant letters. And, it's signed! Do I save it as a collectors item? No, I think i'll drink it, and save the empty bottle :) Thanks again Lenn, and I look forward to the next selection!

Glad you got it! You'll be getting the first REAL shipment (that one is more an intro shipment) later this month. I'll be unveiling the selections in the next day or two!

You definitely want to drink that RED...it's not a wine to cellar. There isn't a date or more prominent varietal listing on it because they want to keep it flexible and open ended. It IS a vintage wine (all the grapes are from the 2004 vintage) but in future years it might not be.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Lenn: You have a typo that gave me momentary hope. Sadly, Greene Grape can't ship wine to KY (as opposed to KT). I live in KY and for a moment there I had a fleeting hope that there was a wine club willing to defy the law and ship to me. Ah well, I'll have to stick to visiting NY to get the wines, I suppose. What a great idea this wine club is though! I admit I'm terribly jealous of non-KY residents!

I want to enroll in a wine class in NYC in July 2007. Any ideas, suggestions?

Thank you.

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Nice choice on the Riesling - I LOVE that wine. Seems like a good price this month too, as the Riesling alone retails for $25 at Vintage NY.

Is this offer for new work wine still available? Do you ship it to Malaysia?


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