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January 02, 2007


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Lenn, I'm interested in your spitting comment. How much wine do you taste per week, month, or whatever measure seems appropriate?


These days, I do most of my tasting at home in a controlled environment. It obviously varies, but I taste anywhere from 10-20 per week I'd say. It's definitely grown over the past year or so. It's probably closer to 10 than 20 most weeks...but it really depends on winery release schedules and all that.

Of course, there have also been days when I've tasted 15 in a single day at home...and that doesn't include trade/press tastings where there are many more than that!

Just never spit the really good %@#$!

Tonight in the slow cooker: we just dropped in a corned beef in a little water and let in simmer all day on low. A mustard and brown sugar glaze baked on at 375 until set. We did potatoes and cabbage of course. Melt in your mouth...!

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