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February 01, 2007


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Great news! Congratulations!

awwwwww! :-)

He's precious! Congrats again.

congrats!!!! it's incredible, isn't it?

Congrats again. He's a handsome little devil.

what a sweet little guy....

Way too cute! Congrats you guys!! What does Ben Roethlisbeagle think of his new competition?

awww, what a cutie. looks like he'll be a healthy drinker, one day.

Congrats & Enjoy!! Well have a toast for you, your wife, & him at this weekends tasting.

Beautiful!! Congratulations

Congratulations. He's beautiful.

Congratulations Nena and Lenn! The waiting is over and the enjoyable times are here :)

Very adorable little fellow ...


Nena and Lenn, congratulations! Jack is a sweetie! Wishing you many, many blessings.

I go out of town a few days and look what you've done - congratulations!

Is that a red wine stain on his chin...?-)

Lenn & Nena Congratulations!!!
Lenn, Please No Baby Food Reviews.

Congratulations Lenn! He's beautiful!!

congratulations to both of you

barbara,charles,rufus,raven,radish & vines


He's beautiful. Congratulations on your new bundle.

Lisa and Bernard

Big congrats Lenn!

Enjoy! My girl is just over 1 year and it just get better and better...

p.s.- I hope he sleeps well, thats KEY!

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