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February 07, 2007


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Couldn't agree more on the fair pricing from Comtesse Therese, especially given her consistent quality.
As for LI pricing in general, I understand the complaints about high prices. I would love to drink LI wines multiple times per week, but very few of their wines fall into the "everyday" price category. LI doesn't produce enough wine to reap some of the economies of scale that mass marketed wines can achieve.
When you consider the case output of may LI wines (often only 100 or so per varietal), you start to realize that a more fair price comparison is the small producion / single vineyard bottlings from around the world.
Nowhere in the world are you going to find a winery that charges only $10 for a 200 bottle, limited production wine. And on LI, almost every winery is making "limited production" wines. As the quality continues to improve, the prices will become more justified.


You are absolutely right...I don't think we'll ever see a $10 wine that can compete with those from warmer climates. Even on 'high' production wines, it's hard to get the economies of scale that you refer to.

And I don't think that any wine lover has a problem playing 20...or even 40 bucks for a well-made, small production, artisanal product. But, too many of the local "small run" wines aren't that good...or aren't good enough to justify the prices.

That said, there are a lot that I think do justify the prices. Hopefully the percentage of those that ARE worth the money continues to increase as growers learn how to get the most from the grapes and winemakers perfect their part of the process as well.

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